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We are a team of experts in solar installation, always try our best to lead the industry through quality as well as through innovation. Our business is built on exceptional quality, which governs all decisions we make. As a reputed company, we manage everything so the impact on your life is negligible.

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Before installing solar panels, there are a lot of things to consider. If you have any questions rather than following, Get quick answers to your most pressing questions directly from our team of experts.


The size of the solar power system you install, and how much electricity you use during the day will determine how much money you'll save on your energy bills in the long run.

Solar power will assist you in lowering your monthly electricity expenses by balancing energy use. Your monthly electricity expenditures will lower, even if it will cost you money to buy and own a solar system.

We will examine your last electric bills in order to determine the size of a solar array that is specifically tailored to your requirements based on annual output and use.

Solar panels can often survive rainfall, wind, and lightning and are quite robust. For 25 to 35 years, your system should continue to provide power with very little (if any) maintenance difficulties.

For a cleaner future, we are initiating revolutionary change. We develop cutting-edge renewable energy initiatives and innovative solutions for the circular economy as part of our commitment to rescue the globe.


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We seek to reduce the amount of fossil fuel energy used in households and companies in Sri Lanka.